“Tina’s Mouth” by Keshni Kashyap and Mari Araki

Politics and Prose on Connecticut Ave in the DMV area is an fun place for a Graphic Novel enthusiast. While there one day a couple weeks ago I began a search for any Graphic Novel authors of color or womyn author’s. I didn’t find many but I did find a treasure among the usual. Tina’s Mouth is an especially good time, not only because Tina is ordinary AND awesome, but because she is constantly making fun of her artsy/feminist sister. Yup, Gayatri Spivak and hegemony even take some hits from Tina’s Mouth!

Here is an interview with Keshni Kashyap: http://lat.ms/ACxD3X

Kashyap is a filmmaker and Araki is a surrealist painter; this is their first comic.

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