Good-bye, Chunky Rice


“Cuteness” is a main character in this GN. And of course I secretly, but not so secretly hope that Merle and Chunky are queer and have strayed from one another to work out their complicated queer love. 😉

In Good-bye, Chunky Rice we don’t know the genders of the main characters. Also, the story doesn’t really show any romantic couples. There are pairs but usually we can assume they’ve stuck together out of fate rather than choice. For example, the Siamese twins and the sailors. So much of our media/story telling revolves around romantic love, usually hetero romantic love and so Chunky gives us a break from that. We can read that story line in to it (as I did by queering the main characters) but in the end it’s now explicitly there.

Queer love, friendship love or it doesn’t matter?

This is one of my favorite GNs and so i’ve included it here as a guest, in this space that is foremost reserved for comics, graphic novels and zines by womyn/folks of color.



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