Buddha V2


Two days ago I finally found Buddha Volume 2 while I was browsing at Mt. Pleasant library in DC. For some reason V2 has been checked out again and again every time I go for it for the past 2 years!!! I guess I was meant to wait for greatness 😉

The author & artist Osamu Tezuka is a legendary Japanese storyteller who worked for Disney for a long time. (This can be evidenced in his cutesy drawings)


This drawings actually push some folks away, but I really like them. As far as volume 2 compares to volume 1… I thought it was better! Many folks think that 2 isn’t as good. But in volume one you have to wait till page 268 before Siddartha is even born! The second book begins with stories from Siddartha’s young life. He questions death at an early age…


I appreciated Tezuka’s careful yet honest way of approaching these aspects of the human condition. Later Siddartha becomes a rabbit in order to experience death itself. After this he realizes he must experience life outside his castle and soon escapes with Tatta (from volume 1). Outside of the castle Siddartha observes for the first time all the suffering in the world. He can’t take it and returns to his castle only to realize his lover from his adventures outside is from a lower caste and cannot come in the castle with him. Soon he is forced into marriage with another but Siddartha still longs to return to the outside and understand suffering. His wife becomes pregnant and though Siddartha feels troubled about leaving he decides he must understand suffering even if he has to leave his wife and child. Bandaka seeks to take over Siddartha’s wife and his kingdom. He doesn’t succeed in taking the wife but does take the kingdom and a different wife. His wife bears a child; Devadatta. At the end of the volume it is said that Devatta & Siddartha will meet in 20 years. Can’t wait till I find Volume 3! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!


Have you read Buddha V2? What did you think of it??


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